Sea of Cortez Beach House

Sea of Cortez Beach House

Gallaro-Lull Residence. East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico

This home is situated on a north-facing beach at the Sea of Cortez. It combines clean modern lines with classic Mexican style. This low budget project was built entirely with local labor using local building techniques and was designed to have minimal environmental impact. Very little of the house is conditioned, most of the floor area is partially open to the elements to utilize the very consistent air temperatures year-round. The all concrete structure is very stingy with regard to using few natural resources to construct. The concrete was hand-mixed on site and uses local sand, including the spoils from the foundation excavations.

The primary concept was to create a controlled environment through a courtyard scheme, with fresh water plunge, breaking the scale of the building into a single story and a two story pavilion. The desert environment is allowed to come up to the edges of the man-made space, which then embraces these rugged natural conditions against the modern living sculpture. The marriage between the boundaries of the man-made and natural creates a space where they meet with harmony and balance.

Homeowners Mark Gallaro and Richard Lull first met in high school and have remained close friends. Since then they and their families have enjoyed fishing and other outdoors activities together. As the East Cape is world renowned for its sports fishing, this was a perfect setting that propelled the families to develop such a unique vacation home.

Two master suites with two secondary bedrooms allow for both families to comfortably vacation together.